Enthusiastic Volunteers Required

The time has come to clear space for the new hut.

The new site, between the current Army shed and Wilsham Road is overgrown with shrubs and undergrowth
and needs to be cleared.

The plan is to meet down at the site THIS SATURDAY, 10 Feb at 9.30 – 10 ish to crack on getting the site cleared. Lee has kindly offered his professional services (tree surgery)to help us with the woody stuff. There shouldn’t be too much heavy work as we don’t need to touch the main tree – but all help will be much appreciated. If we get enough people I anticipate being done in a couple of hours. If you have any useful garden tools (sturdy rakes, forks, pruner clippery things (I think there is a better term for these but it currently escapes me!) etc) please bring them along.

I look forward to such an enthusiastic response that we run out of parking space! (Hmm) I cant promise BBQ weather, but if Dave S brings the club gazebo I’m sure we can improvise something.

Let me know if you can help.