Meet at club at 4pm to paddleup to the weir
Blast Off at the Blastadrome (Abingdon Weir) at 5pm
This year, same rules, new gimmicks, bibbed contestants and the tackiest
prizes this side of the Ock River

Followed by a BYO BBQ at the club at approx 7.30.
This year featuring special attractions
Bouncy Castle!!
La Banniere dello Giro d’ Italia !!
Whitewater wine tasting. Opportunities to try Vino Valsessiana, Vin du
Queyras and others. Bring your own but it must be associated with a
whitewater river and talk about it!! Play geuss the price with our highly
skilled team of wine kayakerazzi!!
A chance to win the tackiest prizes this side of the Ock River!! Nothin
gover 99p, some even 59p!!
Sleepover facilities
Ongoing workshops-Philosophy of Blasting- I blast therefore I am!
                           Blastology -My Blastadrome is my castle!

Le petit dejeuner francais o il primo colazione italiana. Coffee and
croissants 9am. Bring yer own !! Sunday/Dimanche/Domenica

11am PYCC day trip to Nene departs club.

News from  The Director of Blasting
I will attempt to visit Roger the Lockie and get the gate configuration
changed as at present the big nasty radials are pumping big time leaving
only one friendly blastable gate open , the tail of which is flowing towards
the nasties.Let`s hope we can improve on this by St 16th and there are no
objections from him operationally or ornithologically.
Dave Surman