KCC Midsummer Midnight Paddle

A KCC Midsummer Midnight Paddle?

Well it might be a bit dark on the way home

Date?                          Friday 22 June 2007

OK, what time?          Up to you. Start early if you want to eat. I shall set off from Donnington Bridge at ca 19.30.

Where?                       Donnington Bridge to the Watermans Arms, South Street in Osney

Where did you say?   Upstream on the Thames through the middle of Oxford

Is that possible?         Dead easy

How far?                     Well its three mile up and what ever distance you want back

Is it scary?                  Only if you paddle over Osney weir or through the tunnels and are afraid of the dark

Will it be dark?          Very, very dark on the way home

The moon phase?       A bit more than half showing

Sunset time?               About 21:30

Is it safe?                    Probably not, if you have had a skin full

What’s the pub like? All pubs are good! Unpretentious & does very fine meals.

What sort of boats?   As long as it floats it’s OK

How long will it           Bit more than an hour in a play boat,

take to paddle            About 40 mins in a dugout,

to the pub?                  About 23 mins in a K1,

About 20 mins in a speed boat (if you obey the 8kn Thames speed limit)

Where can I park?     There is a free car park at Donnington Bridge

Can I reach the          That’s cheating and not allowed. Parking near the pub is a

pub by road?               problem like anywhere in Oxford.

Good news?                Alcoholics can stop at the ‘Head of the River’ on the way

Weather?                    Met Check says showers are expected

So who is going?         Nice to know who is going. Drop Roger Wiltshire an email

What time does pub stop serving meals?     No idea. They will not answer the phone (01865 248832)