White Water Safety Course


In the belief that a demand lurks within the club, I have been in contact with Canolfan Tryweryn to try to arrange a weekend White Water Safety course (level 3) for interested folk.

The Tryweryn will have vacant course in August.  They have offered another club the choice of either 18th/19th or 25th/26th August and a decision is awaited as to which weekend has been chosen.  We would have first refusal on booking a course on the weekend the other club doesn’t want (hope that makes sense).

All feedback from club members who have taken this course has been extremely positive (see Liz Garnett’s article in the Sept/Oct 06 edition of the Trasher) and aside from learning valuable skills, their experience was clearly very enjoyable.

The cost per person is £80, based on putting together a group of six participants.

So I can get an early indication that there will be a sufficient demand within the club, please drop Neil Murton an email a.s.a.p. if you are interested, and hopefully we will have sufficient numbers to proceed with the booking.