Message from Dave Surman, Pathfinders Youth Canoe Club:

You are very welcome to compete/help at the
Monday July 16th
Meet at Club BY 6.30.
Boats must be under 2.5m unless entering Wavehopper class
Pathfinders have priority for lottery inazone use so bring your own boat.
Boats and contestants need to be transported to the Drayton Rd where bibs
will be distibuted and briefing.Parking will need to be in the Jewsons Drive
just before the bridge on the Drayton Rd. You will need to cross the road
and enter the park by the river on the downstream side.
Contestants started in pairs at 30 second intervals from the wooden
footbridge over the Ock back to the club.
Followed by a BBQ at the club
Key people needed.
Boat and people shuttlers/general helpers at Ock
Starter at Ock
Finisher at club
Both of above need to synchronize watches before leaving club.Finisher at
club could double as bbq lighter.
Please indicate to me asap if you can come.