BLASTATHON AND CLUB BBQ – Saturday June 13th
It`s a goer!! Come strut your stuff at this unique event, This is part of the Dave Surman Year of the Bus Pass Program!

Matt Meet at club hut to paddle up to the weir (Abingdon Blastadrome) or meet at Weir at 5pm for Blast Off! All welcome to compete? in this fun event, or watch from the terracing at the weir.

Prizes for Juniors, Seniors Male and Female, Veterans, Bus passing old codgers. The Townley Award for the most original new move.

Wanna know more what is involved? Contact Director of Blasting at David Surman (Remember Blasting Practice on Abingdon for the next two Wednesdays).

Let`s hope the weir is still open. In the event of the unspeakable happening with lack of water, we will have a Boatercross event down the Ock so that the Barbeque will follow as normal. The Show MUST go on as we Thespians say!!

After the Blastathon there will be a BYO BBQ at the club site from approx 7.30 KT onwards (Kingfisher Time). We provide the charcoal and maybe a few paper plates, you bring everything else. You may camp overnight.

Seriously though. Go diary the date if you haven`t already. Please make every effort to come, paddle, spectate, BBQ. Bring friends and competitors,so that we have a good turnout. These things only work if people support them so see you all there.

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