Free Trashers!

The Trasher is the Kingfisher Canoe Clubs newsletter. Published bi-monthly it lets club members know what is going around the club. Trip reports, diary dates and other articles of interest to paddlers are included.

Normally the Trasher is only available to paid up members of the club. However we’ve decided to make four back issues available to the public. Click on the cover images below to access these:

May/June 2007 – the worldwide paddling edition

  • Hike & huck
  • Morocco Stuff
  • Alpine Antics
  • A grand Trip
  • The Grand Tour

Jan/Feb 2008 – the mixed bag edition 

  • Boofin’ not Goofin’?
  • WAGS on Tour!
  • Canada 2007
  • Mapledurham
  • Thames Tideway

July/Aug 2008 – the quite a few open boats edition

  • The Abingdon Tsunami
  • Tales of Towpath Falls
  • The dark side
  • Blastathon 2007
  • Operation Log Jam
  • Summer Fun

Nov/Dev 2008 -the random water levels edition

  • KCC/PYCC in the media
  • Dart had water shocker
  • River list ’07
  • what to do in Scotland when there is no water

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