Ock BoaterX and Wavehopper Event and BYO BBQ

Ock BoaterX and Wavehopper Event and BYO BBQ, Sunday 20th September 2PM KCC/PYCC Abingdon.

WavehopperSunday 20th September 2PM KCC/PYCC Abingdon.

Pathfinders, Kingfisher and Riverside are invited to this event. There are two classes. The Boatercross involves racing any boat shorter than 2m down the Ock from the Drayton Rd. back to the club. Head to head at 30 second intervals. Usually 15-20 minutes.

The Wavehopper Race involves specialist whitewater racers over the same course. I hope to have ten of these available. If you would like to race one of these speak to me in advance. I will be holding a Wavehopper familiarisation session on the Thursday before (17th) for anyone interested in using these boats from 6-8 at the club at Wilsham Rd. Abingdon. If there are more than 10 potential Wavhopperees, preference will be given to those attending this session. Pathfinders came away with four medals from the WVH race at Stratford Upon Avon!!

Meet at Kingfisher/Pathfinder Club, Wilsham Rd Abingdon at 2pm to register and shuttle boats.

After the event we will have a BYO BBQ. We will provide the charcoal, paper plates, cutlery and cups. You bring everything else.

This is a fun event in which everyone can take part, so it would be good to have a good number. It would be very helpful to have an indication if you are going to take part so that I know I will not be there on my own.  If you don`t want to take part but can come along to help that would be really appreciated. Please note that I really do need to know IN ADVANCE whether you can help as there are many important jobs both on and off the water that I need to know I can cover.

Please help by letting me know in good time if you can help with this.

Please contact me: davidsurman@hotmail.com – 01865 373115