January 2010 Update – Happy New Year

Monthly Meeting

Our regular monthly meeting is on Wednesday 6th January in the Fox in Steventon. Things will kick off about 8:30pm, come a long for a chat. There will be some people out on the water from 6:00pm at the club hut as well.

A New Paddler is Born

Congratulations Lee & Kiera – Baby Alfred James Gill (Alfie) was born on the 23rd of December at 18:45 weighing a huge 9lb 6.  After a 42 hour labour he was finally born via c section. Both Keira and Alfie are doing great (although he is a very hungry boy which means little sleep).

Pool Sessions

The next pool session is not until 25th Feb due to circumstances beyond our control.

White Water Safety & Rescue

Pathfinders are organising a bespoke BCU Whitewater Safety and Rescue Course in North Wales, primarily for older PYCC members coaches and helpers. There may however be space for others who are interested.

The dates are May 15/16th. Cost is £120 excluding transport and accommodation. It will probably be run by Tom Parker. If you think you may be interested Dave Surman know on 01865 373115.

First Aid Course

Pathfinders is running a One OR Two day BCU recognized First Aid Course run by a recognized and qualified trainer. Whilst Pathfinder members will have preference if the course is oversubscribed, we expect to have places available for anyone that needs to update or just wants to a First Aid Course for the first time.

Some BCU qualifications require one day and some two day First Aid. 

PROVIDER: Lifeline First Aid Training

WHAT: 8 hour First Aid (Outdoors) or 6 hour First Aid (Outdoors). You can do the ONE day OR TWO day course.

The certifificate exceeds the requirements of the BCU. Details available onwww.lifelinefirstaidtraining.co.uk

The course will be run with an oudoor activity bias and in particular water activities.

WHERE: We will be based on the sailing club and KCC/PYCC site at Wilsham Rd. 

WHEN: Sat March 6th One Day course or Sat/Sun March 6/7th Two Day Course.

HOW MUCH:  £30 or £50


Please note that all bookings MUST be paid in FULL by January 31st. If monies have not been paid by that date and we do not have a suitable number the course WILL be cancelled without further notice. .

There is a maximum number of 15 per day.

If you want to know any more details please phone Dave Surman on 01865 373115 ordavidsurman@hotmail.com.  

Please send full payment with your request for the one day or two day course to 

Please make chequespayable to Pathfinders Youth Canoe Club and send to Dave at 117 Mill Street, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 2EE.

California ’09

Team California members Dave Surman, Simon Knox & Dave Hodgkinson. A presentation of the Easter trip, in the steps of Bigfoot, to paddle the rivers of the Sierra Nevada and Coastal Range of Northern California. We didn`t get eaten by a bear (not even once!!)

Wednesday February 10th, Abbey Sailing Club Wilsham Rd. Admission £3. Bar. 8pm 

We are also hoping to be able to show the 10 minute pictorial tribute to Chris Wheeler that was compiled by Mark Rainsley and shown at the Gene 17 weekend.

FURTHER DETAILS 01865 373115davidsurman@hotmail.com