Wednesday June 1st (Tomorrow) – Monthly Meeting
Come paddling (1800ish at hut) then the regular get together at the Fox Inn, Steventon afterwards (about 2030).
Saturday June 18th – Blastathon
Our annual fun “freedtyle” competition at Abingdon Weir. Come along and take part it doesn’t matter how good you are, there will be plenty of prizes to go round! If you’re not going to paddle coem and watch then join us for the BBQ and beers afterwards.
1600 at the @club hut to paddle up or 1700 at Abingdon Weir. Followed by BYO BBQ at the club then if anyones up for it maybe a pub trip later on. Extra parking has been negotiated for the night at the sailing club.
Fri/Sat/Sun 1st-3rd July – Trywerryn Trip
We’re planning a trip to the Trywerryn this weekend. I need to know numbers so accomedation can be arranged so let me know if you’re interested ASAP.
We can paddle the Upper and Lower dependign what people want to do and if ther dam isn’t releasing both days we can go in search of surf or walking or whatever we fancy instead…
Thursday July 7th – Aunt Sally Night 
The date for the KCC Aunt Sally Night has changed tot he Thursday. 8pm at The Fox Steventon has now been put forward to the night of the Aunt Sally/Throwline practice social.


Site Parking
The Army Rowing Club have had a re-organisation of how their rowing boats are stored.  Because of this parking is now on the left hand side of the site. Please park with the front of your car facing the fence on the Sailing club side of the site so as not to restrict access to the rowing boats.
Also just a reminder that we should not park on the road so please try and park as efficiently as possible so that as many cars can get on the site as possible.
Hut Duty
I’m be looking for volunteers for hut duty on Wednesday evening through out the summer. If you think you can help out then please let me know. Details of hut duty responsibilities can be found HERE .