September Update

Monthly Meeting – Wed 7th September
That’s this Wednesday folks. Come along and see what’s going on, 2030 at the Fox Inn, Steventon or 1815 at the club hut if you want to paddle first.

In case you missed it there’s a new Trasher availible to download at (its the Q2 2011 edition)

Friday BBQ with Vale – Fri 9th Sept
This has been cancelled

Nene Trip – Sun 11th Sept
Following on from this years Improvers course Louise is organising a Nene trip as an introduction to moving water. This is open to anyone from the club (with priority to those who did this years improvers course). Places are limited to 6 folk per level 3 coach (I think 2 of us can make it so up to 12 folk), plus anyone with 3 star or a Nene user card. Please let Louise know ASAP if you are interested. The Nene is only open Sundays. Meet 1pm at hut.

Tony’s Dart Weekend – Fri 14th – Sun 16th Oct
Come along to the best low water paddling trip of the year. You’ll need to send Tony a booking form as he’s internet free. You can find the form in the latest Trasher.

OCKFEST! – OCK Boatercross and Wavehopper Race – Sun 11th Sept
2pm at the club hut Wilsham Rd. to register, collect bibs, load and transport boats by car to the start at the Ock Meadow

Paddlers will be set off in pairs to paddle down the Ock, over the slidey Weir, to join the Thames and back to the club (15-20 minutes) Runs will be timed. This is a fun event that is open to anyone wishing to enter. All you need to be able to do is paddle in a straight line. If you want to race a Wavehopper you will need to have paddled one before at least once and book one before with me, as we only have a limited number of Wavehoppers. There will be a an opportunity for anyone who would like to try out a Wavehopper on the previous Thursday evening (8th) if you have never tried one before. Otherwise use a short boat in the Boatercross.

As usual we hope there will be a contingent from Riverside, Kingfisher and possibly others taking part. We may even have some prizes that cost more than 99p courtesy of CanoeKayak UK.!! The event will be followed by a BRING YOUR OWN Food Barbeque. We provide the charcoal, some drink, cups, paper plates. You provide everything else.

More details from Dave Surman

Pathfinder Annual Presentation Evening – Tue Sept 27th (please note date change)
Abbey Sailing Club, Wilsham Rd. Abingdon.The presentation evening will be preceded by a short AGM at 7.30pm to which all members, parents and KCC members are welcome.

The evening is a chance to see what members have been doing over the last twelve months. We hope to feature presentations on club activities, events, trips, Slovenia 2011 as well as some of the other events members have undertaken at home and abroad. There will be some wacky awards and even some refreshments as well!! Members, parents, friends and just those interested are very welcome to attend.

Further details from Dave Surman

Scotland Trip – Sat 22nd – Sat 29th October
Annual KCC expedition north of the border. Contact Fred Wondre for details.