Brief update


With the site being quite waterlogged, and let’s face it a mud pool at the entrance, we have been asked to avoid usage of the site until conditions improves. So if you need to get on the river, please use alternative get in points such as Culham or by the weir. You can collect kit from the hut. Wednesday, someone (if there is a volunteer that would be great, as I will not be around for it) will be there to open the hut for those who need to borrow kit.


And yes, with the crazy amount of water in the river, the Blastathon which had been brought forward due to the fear of lack of water, will now be reinstated at its normal mid-june date, 16th June. More news to follow.

Beginners Course

With the amount of water, it has been decided that it was a bit too risky to get the Beginners on the water on these levels. It is currently being delayed by a week.