Upcoming Dates

Fattaur’s Pub Paddle

Fattaur is organising a Pub Paddle on the 2nd September.
The Plan is to meet at the Hut at about 8.30am to organise boat for those who have not, transport etc…
Paddling then from Marsport in Reading to finish at Aston, near Henley, with a lunch at the St George and Dragon in Wargrave.

If you can confirm, whether you have transport for your boat and yourself (and spare spaces) or whether you need transport for boat and people to Fattaur (see membership list), that would be great.

Aunt Sally

KCC traditionnal Aunt Sally will take place at the Fox on the 30th August. The Fox is one of the pub in Steventon, next door to the Cherry Tree which we have now adopted.
Meet at 8pm, food can be ordered at the pub. For new comers to the club, definitely a night to come along… For those in the improvers course, please do come along after your paddle…

Boater Cross/ Dragon’s Boat

This is taking place on the week end of the 8th/9th September.
Boater cross is a race down the Ock in wavehoppers, and KCC members are invited to join.

The Dragon’s boat race, PYCC (Pathfinders) have a little hut and KCC members are welcomed to come and help.

Pyranha Fest

On the week end of the 8th/9th September, there is the Pyranha fest taking place at the Tryweryn http://www.pyranhafest.com/ (for more details).
Louise is organising it. Plenty of activities, coaching etc…

This is whitewater action with rivers grade 2-3 minimum.
If you are interested, please let Louise know (see membership list).