KCC Early January Updates

Hi everyone. For those I have not yet seen, I wish you all a Happy New Year full of paddling adventures and good time.

Pool Session

The last pool sessions for this season are coming, with the last three on 17th, 31st January and 21st February. As always there will be held from 8pm at Our Lady’s Convent in Abingdon.

First Aid Course

This is planned for the week end of 9/10th February at the Abbey Sailing Club (Next door to KCC). The cost is £40 for KCC members and it is open to all – highly recommended irrespective of your level of experience. If you are interested by the few spaces left, please contact Nick Smailes directly.

Kate’s Teifi Trip

Kate Wilson is organising a trip to the Teifi – South West Wales – on the 16/17th February.
This trip is suitable for paddlers at Grade 2-3 level and is good fun. Contact Kate if you are interested.

White Water Safety and Rescue Course

Owen Jones is trying to arrange a WWSR course on 16/17th March. This is designed for paddlers paddling at Grade 3 Level and is very useful to experience rescue techniques. The cost is between 110 and 135 for the week end and will depend on the number of people present. Remember that you can apply for some support from KCC – see website download section for details.
Contact Owen if you are interested.

Slovenia Trip

Louise is organising a Trip to Slovenia from 1-8h June. If you want to get started in White Water paddling continental style, please do come along. Suitable for most abilities, this is paddling in the sun, warm water and crystal clear, turquoise rivers… What else to say… If you are interested, contact Louise for further info and details.

Spring Trip?

I am trying to gather interest for a potential trip on the continent in Spring – May in Italy. This is for advanced paddlers as will hopefully be mostly on Grade 4 waters.
For the moment dates thrown around include last week of May. If you are interested, please let me know directly