Mid March Updates


Gerb is organising a trip in North Wales week end of 22-24th March. Depending on water, there is the Tryweryn or plenty of other rivers in the area… Accommodation to be determined, but he will try to get the bunkhouse. Let Gerb know if you are interested.

For April, I am leaving week end of 12-14th April free. Plan is to go paddling where the water is and camp. If interested, please let me know.

Finally, he may not like it, but there we go he is now designated, Duncan seems to be taking over the organisation of a trip in the Alps.


If you have anything for the Trasher, this should be send to kcc.traher@gmail.com before 15th April.

Wednesday Night

With light coming back in the evening, Wednesday’s will be starting again. I will need to know slightly in advance who with a key be at the hut so as to ensure there is always someone who can open for kit.

Kit Testing

Chris will be at the hut from 9.30 on 24th March for doing testing of club kit for the new season. He is looking for helpers to come along. Date may potentially move if too many people go to North Wales. If you wish to test your BA as well, bring it along.

Blasthathon Provisional date

This is not quite this time of year yet, but a date of 22nd June has been set for the Blasthaton (water lever allowing). Get the training started…