Updates for March

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 3rd April will be the club meeting. As people will be on the water it will likely be a bit later around 8.30 – 9pm.
I am saying this now as I am on holidays from tomorrow. Enjoy the rain… should do some good boating conditions over Easter.


As you will have noticed in previous email, 12-14th April, camping/paddling trip wherever the water is – just man-up and come camping its actually not that bad

Chris and Neil are planning on organising a trip for 2* on either the week end of 27-28th April or 4-5th May. This will be discussed on the first of the 2* coaching session on 3rd April.

After that, we would be looking at trying to get in a pub paddle for the end of the Beginners course.

Duncan seems to be going for a trip towards the Alps in the last week of May in Val Sesia. From discussion it seems to be left open as to where the water is, but considering the snow cover in the Alps you will likely have ideal conditions wherever you go. Let Duncan know if you are up for it.

Hut rearrangement

We need to do some upgrading of the racking at the hut. The plan is to meet up there on Sunday 7th April for some DIY work. If you are about please do come and give us a hand.


The 2* training will be starting on 3rd April. Those interested, please try to let Louise know.

An FSRT will be run later in the year by Louise – details to follow
Start of Beginners soon. Details to follow on website


If you have any articles please send them through to kcc.trasher@gmail.com

Taster sessions and Wednesday

Please let me know if people with keys will be around on Wendesdays so that we ensure there is someone to open the shed. We also need to have people on last Wednesday of each month from April for the taster.


For members, kit can be borrowed £5 a session.
If you wish to borrow the opens, please book it using the agenda in the hut.
Non-members can borrow kit for £10 (and would need to be supervised).
Taster – first free, if coming back, £10 for kit borrowing as non-members
Both the above need to fill in a temporary membership form.


There are some development on this front. Once all details are sorted, there will be further details. At the moment Chris is in negotiation.