May Updates

Hey all. Following on the meeting on Wednesday, here are some updates on what is happening.

Polo Taster Session

Thanks to Chris who has arranged an agreement with Oxford Brookes, we can access their pool a Sunday a month for some Polo practices. The next one is on 12th May from 9 to 11.30 at the Harcourt Sport Campus. Polo boats are already at the pool. You only need to bring what you will wear (BA may be advisable?!). If you are interested, contact Chris Bloomer. The cost is about £2.

The session will be shared with Brookes Canoe Club.

Ditch Clear Up

Spring has arrived and with the recent flood, there is a whole load of rubbish in the river. We are looking for some volunteers to come and give us a hand for a quick wiz down the Ditch with some opens in order to clear it.
We will be doing this on a Sunday morning. Raises hands if you are keen (and then email me), and let us know which Sunday morning would be most suitable. We are looking at a week end in May, ideally the one not clashing with the Polo session (so either 19th or 26th May).


Some are heading to Slovenia at the beginning of June. Wish them to have excellent fun. In the meantime, if some are keen on organising some UK paddling (Tryweryn or other?), then please let me know.


A proposal has now been formalised and will be sent to the Environment Agency shortly. After that, it will be waiting. The plan is to setup a push button to open one or two of the small radial in order to release the water..


There is some work being undertaken by Simon, Louise and Dave to sort the issue.

Taster Session

We are going to be running a couple of taster session this month, with one during the Go canoeing week on 22th May on top of the one on the last Wednesday of the month.

Beginners Course

We still have a few spaces left on the Beginners course starting in a couple of weeks. If you know anyone interested, please let us know. Do pass the message around you…