End of May Updates

Upcoming Trips

First, I do wish to all going to Slovenia to have great fun.
Following on this, there is discussion of the annual surf trips, which could maybe be combined with a trip to the Bitches in South-West Wales (the Bitches would be for the more proficient paddlers as this is a bit more hardcore).
Anything else people would like to arrange, please let me know… there has been no real trip to the Tryweryn…


22nd June is the date for it. Less than a month. This is our annual playboating event at Abingdon Weir, and great fun just to attend as a non-paddler. One of the date in the KCC calendar.

Annual Triathlon

The memorial Triathlon will take place in September. Ill update on the exact Sunday in my email next week.

See you all on the water soon