January Updates

Happy New Year to all. I do hope it will be full of paddling…and hopefully water to allow this…
There is quite a bit packed in this email from reminder of where to find the renewal form, to upcoming dates on trips, pool etc…so bear with me…

Monthly Meeting

The delayed monthly meeting will take place this Wednesday 8th January at 8pm at the Cherry Tree in Steventon.

Pool Session

The next pool session is taking place Thursday 9th January from 8 til 9.30pm at Our Lady’s convent school in Abingdon.
Following pool session will be 23rd January, 6th February and 27th February. These are in the calendar and on the website.

Membership renewal

Fattaur nicely sent around the link for the renewal – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lUz4EqsTeyTa2L3ObhKKArLmmfqiPb9tIcrw5_6V5HU/viewform


First Aid

Louise has arranged for a first aid course. Details are below

REC (Rescue and Emergency Care) 16 hour First Aid Course.

To be delivered by Leo Hoare. The course will be specific to paddlers and involves a syllabus that relates to injuries and scenarios common within paddle sport. The scenarios will be based on paddling equipment to make them more realistic.Leo has been teaching the REC for paddlers course for over 10yrs and  is a senior REC trainer, able to direct the advanced course and train the trainers.
Dates 22nd and 23rd March 2014.
Location at KCC site Sat in the Sailing Club, Sunday based in the Army Pavilion.
Cost £70. KCC Members £40.
There are a total of 12 places available. Please let Louise (Louise.Royle@googlemail.com) know ASAP if you want to book a place (money in advance). Any place not booked by the end of January will be offered to PYCC and other local paddling clubs.

2 Star Training

Louise is aiming to run a 2 Star training on Thursday nights in April 3rd to 24th round 6pm.

FSRT – Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

Louise is aiming to run an FSRT at the beginning of May – date to be confirmed.


There are a few trips which are to take place some in the near future some other further afield and later in the year.

Kate Welsh trip

Kate is planning on organising a trip in Wales either at the end of January or early February. Dates have not been set yet, but as soon as I get the news, ill pass it on.

Lake District Trip

Owen is organising a trip in the Lake district on week end of 12-13th April. If interested, let Owen know.

Val Sesia Trip

There are discussion to get a group together to go to Val Sesia during the week of the Val Sesia river festival – from 18th til 25th May.
This is not for everyone and will be mostly running grade 4/5 waters. If interested, let either Simon or myself know.

Austria Trip

Vicky is going to be running a trip to Austria towards the end of July, early August. If you are intersted, please let her know.
There is in Austria opportunity for a range of paddling abilities. Let Vicky know if you are keen.