Pathfinders Youth News (21/3/17)

Good news. After some great negotiating by the Kingfisher Chairman, we now have a two month extension on our use of the Wilsham Rd site until June 1st. This means that we will be able to start our Monday Evening On River Sessions as usual on the first Monday of the summer term April 24th with our traditional Descent of the Ock. Meeting at 6.15pm.

PLEASE download a pathfinders membership form found under “Join Us” and Youth Section.

Please bring this along to your first session. Also this year EVERYONE  will need to pay a £5 membership the first time they come to join (on an annual basis) as well as their  £5 session fee. This is important so that we have an accurate record of the membership and so that, now we are a registered charity, we can demonstrate this. If a UK tax payer also completes the added details on the membership form we can claim back Gift Aid from the membership and attendance fees.

Below is the provisional Pathfinders Programme:


We need volunteers to help with our collection/raffle at the Oxford Store. This is important as a fund raiser and good PR. Please let me know if you can help ASAP.

MONDAY 24th APRIL CLUB NIGHTS ON THE RIVER Meet 6.15pm to shuttle boats and people to top of the Ock for the traditional first night Ock Descent

SATURDAY 29th  APRIL SYMOND`S YAT DAY TRIP (transport permitting) Suitable for all.

MONDAY 1 MAY (BHol) Club Night as usual OCKATHON…Our very own  Fun Freestyle for All on the Ock Weir!! 6.15

SUNDAY 7th MAY NENE WHITEWATER CENTRE DAY TRIP Northampton.Suitable for all.





SATURDAY 3rd JUNE ABINGDON FUN IN THE PARK Abbey Grounds. Help needed on our stand !!

Future Dates

WK COMM JUNE 12th  PY Beginner`s Course starts. If you know anyone that would like to do this tell them to get in touch with me now!!

SATURDAY JUNE 17th ABINGDON BLASTATHON (water permitting) and GRAND DUCK RACE. We will be selling plastic ducks in advance for £10 each to win awesome prizes!! More details later !!

SATURDAY/SUNDAY JULY 1/2 RIVER TRYWERYN Bala North Wales. Dam release river ww grades 2-4. Camping overnight. Some ww experience needed.


For the above trips please let me know asap if you would like to go and what transport you can offer/need so that I can see the viability of the trip.

Some additional points

We have front loaded trips at the beginning of the season (May) and have also put down to function club nights on the bank holidays as there is a degree of uncertainty as to how we will be operating as from June as we may need to schedule time for work parties etc to prepare our new site.

Also now that PYCC is part of Kingfisher, parents and  members are welcome to attend the monthly informal meetings from about 8.30pm in The Fox at Steventon on the first thursday of the month as a catch up with developments. The next mtg will be April 6th.

A couple of communication matters. Some people may be unaware that Pathfinders has it`s own FB page which is a quick communication method. Because it is a closed group it is necessary to request inclusion by emailing me before you can be added. Also a regular email newsletter goes to parental emails and any PY members that have given me their personal emails. If there are any additional members who wish to give me their personal emails I will include also.

Please remember to put your blue TESCO tokens in the relevant box for our project at the following stores Abingdon, Didcot, Faringdon, Cockcroft Didcot, Cholsey Wallingford,Grove Wantage, Abingdon Fitzharris, Abingdon Oxford Rd. We`re also in the Waitrose Wallingford Green Token Scheme. Last time I checked we`re lagging behind in third place which means that if this continues we will only be eligible for a £1000 rather that the £5000.Please spread the word verbally and on social media to get  people to donate tokens in these stores.. First place gets £5000.

On a positive note, Pauls Gaffney has been doing a lot of work zapping in grant applications and has been successful in getting £1000 from Abingdon Town Council. Thanks Paula!!

ALSO …We are trying to sell the Kingfisher SHED/GARAGE. It is approx 9x9ft with 2 sets of double doors, 11 years old and in good condition. It would need to be dismantled and moved from the present site. If you know of any organisation and/individual that may be interested PLEASE pass the info on and get in touch ASAP. We are open to offers as a way of helping to raise the badly needed funds. Picz and more details available on request.