Kingfisher Canoe Club – New Home Needed

You may have seen the article below in the local press.

“Kingfisher Canoe Club – and its youth division Pathfinders – packed up and left its home of 25 years in Abingdon on Saturday, more than 18 months after being served an eviction notice.”

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, KCC has been unable to secure a new base to operate from.

Whilst efforts are continuing to to find a new home it would be extremely helpful if club members and supporters could let their MP or VotWH District Councillor (or the Leader of  the Vale District Council if you live in a different district) how much they value the club.

You can use this link to contact your MP and Councillors:

The leader of the Vale District Council, Mathew Barber, can be contacted by Email.

We’ve had many words of support recently and would like to thank everyone for these.

Thank you

Kingfisher Canoe Club

Moving the boats.
Dismantling the hut
Press Call