Tesco Blue Tokens

There is a chance for Kingfisher Canoe Club to receive up to £5000 from Tesco’s towards the cost of our new premises. You can… use the blue tokens to vote for us at the following stores:

  • Abingdon Tesco Extra
  • Didcot Tesco
  • Faringdon Park Tesco Metro
  • Cockcroft Didcot Tesco Express
  • Cholsey Wallingford Tesco Express
  • Grove Wantage Tesco Express
  • Abingdon Fitzharis Tesco Express
  • Abingdon Oxford Road Tesco Express

Voting is from Wednesday 1st March-Saturday 29th April so please pay a visit to Tesco and cast your vote for our cause.

Thanks for your support!

February Update

The committee has decided that it would be a good idea to circulate minutes of each of the monthly meetings. For those of you who are new to the club these meetings take place on the first Wednesday of the month. Right now they are taking place in the Fox in Steventon at around 2000. I encourage you all to come along and meet other members.

As is the way of  recent times the site and hut situation started the meeting. The hut committee is plugging away at this issue. We are expecting our planning conditions to be discharged very soon which will be excellent. The other thing that is taking a lot more time to get organised is the lease. As you may be able to appreciate this is a complex process which is taking more time than strictly ideal. The current state of play is that our solicitor has reviewed documents and  said that we do need to get an easement to formally access the site. The council has agreed with this and they will start to put pen to paper on the lease at the same time as our solicitor draws up an easement. So we are still moving on that front but it is taking it’s time.

The other thing that should be mentioned is funding. There has been an awful lot of work happening with several grant application in and we have had some success with David Surman landing a whopping £4.6K from Christ’s Hospital of Abingdon. If you have any great ideas on how to get more please do get in touch. We are in the process of registering for gift aid so if you are a taxpayer then we can some claim money back on donations, for example to the Hut fund. We are also in the process of registering ourselves on Just Giving which means if you want to sponsor us then this will enable you to do this.

The next pool session is on 9th Feb. These are great for paddlers of all levels and even if you have never even thought about rolling then this is still a great opportunity to brush up on your boat handling skills. Details here: http://www.kingfishercanoeclub.co.uk/what-we-do/pool-sessions/

  • Iain Walters is organising a trip to the Lakes this weekend.
  • Kate Wilson is organising a trip to mid-wales on the 24,25 and26 March. Details to be confirmed but this will probably be in or around the Teifi.
  • Alan is running a trip over the easter weekend in North wales. He has booked accommodation for Thursday 13th and Friday 14th April. So we would be paddling Friday and Saturday. Plenty of room can sleep up to 29 people.
  • There is a Italy trip going on from 13th-21th May. This is a trip for experienced paddles. Iain is organising this on Facebook.
  • Fred is running his Slovenia trip 20th – 27th May. This is much more chilled out and if you are interested then please get in touch with Fred at next month’s meeting.
  • Looking ahead, There are the annual trips to the Dart. Tony is going to look into booking this for 13-15 Oct. This is no small job and we all appreciate Tony organising this trip. More info at the next monthly meeting.
  • Fred is running his Scotland trip in October half term. This is a brilliant trip for boaters looking to push themselves a bit.

There are a bunch of trips happening at this time of the year:Clearly there will be more things going on and the best way to keep abreast of things is to come to the monthly meeting. The next one will be 1st March in the Fox, Steventon.

Finally, please renew your membership for 2017. There is information on Join Us

Thanks all, See you at the next meeting

A Kingfisher Test Post

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