Pathfinder Update

THIS THURSDAY 23rd FEBRUARY POOL SESSION. Please support this as attendance was very low for the last one and we lost a lot of money on it!! There is only one more pool session after this one. FIRST AID COURSE (two day rec course) at Riverside Centre Oxford March 18/19 Sat /Sun. This has been … Continue reading Pathfinder Update


Abingdon Hydro

An application to abstract water from the River Thames at Abingdon Weir has been made by Abingdon Hydro Community Interest Group. The EA notice of this can be found by clicking HERE. A scanned copy of the application may be viewed by clicking HERE. An EA leaflet on how to have your views represented can be … Continue reading Abingdon Hydro


   Thanks to everyone who came along to support the Blastathon this year. We had a record number of entries and it was especially good to see so many members of Riverside come along to join in with KCC and Pathfinders. The river levels were just about perfect, the revised scoring system seemed to word … Continue reading Blastathon