Early December Updates…

Hello everyone... just back from a very dry Gene17 week end, but still good fun. What's up at the club?! Monthly Meeting Yes it is he first week end of the Month so this Wednesday, its meeting at the Cherry Tree in Steventon. We will aim to start the meeting between 8 and 8.30pm. See … Continue reading Early December Updates…


November Updates

Early November Updates Hey everybody. November has arrived, the AGM has now passed - I will load the Minutes shortly in the download section and will prepare a mini-Trasher shortly. AGM summary Thank you to all those who came, the Committee including the newcomers, Fattaur as Membership Secretary, Rick Fielder as Editor, Paul, Angie, Guy … Continue reading November Updates

October Updates

October Updates Hey October has arrived, and with it sign of a new White Water season??!! Fingers crossed, water is going to arrive soon... In the meantime to keep you up to date we have the following date that are of importance: Tonight Pool Session 1st Pool session tonight Thursday 4th October from 8pm at … Continue reading October Updates