18/1 Pool Session Cancelled

Message from OCP:

Hello All

I have received an up date on the availability of the pool to-day.

The return circulation system has multiple leaks in it. A repair
schedule for these is currently being sorted out.

As a consequence the pool WILL NOT be available for the first half of
the current term and may not be for the whole of the term. At the moment
efforts are being made for the pool to in action again by MONDAY 19th

The following sessions are therefore CANCELED

   JANUARY 18th           KCC
   JANUARY 25th           SCOUTS
   FEBRUARY 1st           SCOUTS
   FEBRUARY 8th           SCOUTS

   The session for Pathfinders today was canceled in a previous

Boat for sale

PYRANHA H3 FOR SALE. £200 (normal going rate for second hand H3 approx £400)
It’s a good price for a second hand H3 because I cracked it on the upper surface after a high impact on the upper Dart. However it has been repaired professionally by Pyranha at their factory. I have been offerred a very good price on a new Pyranha Burn and am therefore thinking of upgrading.There is no damage below water level and I have been assured it will work fine for someone needing a boat for ordinary use.
If interested contact me by email or phone for viewing.
Dave Surman