KCC End of June Updates

Disappointing News It is now official, the Blastathon is again posponed for too much water reason... craaazyyy I tell you. On the other hand it means that there is water and that some river trip are running... Would White water kayaking becoming a summer sport in the UK... to be honest can't really complain. So … Continue reading KCC End of June Updates


June Updates

KCC June Updates Water is around, and all is great. The Thames is flowing, Hurley is open... what else could be asked. Blastathon To the disapointment of everyone, because of the high levels, the Blastathon has to be delayed by a couple of weeks. The new date is on the 30th June from 4pm at … Continue reading June Updates


Hi All, The Blastathon is due to be next Saturday. Keep an eye on the website, your email or the Facebook group for updates regarding the event. Water level need to be checked to see whether Abingdon weir will be at a suitable level.