For the last 10 years Kingfisher Canoe Club has been operating from Wilsham road. Our Youth division has been operating from this site for over 25 years but early 2016 we were informed that we would need to find a new home.

This information catalysed a huge amount of work by the committee and a specially formed site committee and we began looking for potential solutions and late in 2016 we identified a potential plot in the north corner of Rye Meadow.

This site looked ideal with excellent potential to set up a simple facility, safe launching and the potential for car parking. Link to some of our plans below are below and illustrate how our plan would look in Rye Meadow. We have gone to considerable effort to keep out facility in keeping with the local environment.

Elevation of proposed Site

Proposed Site Plan

Our planning application was successful but unfortunately we  have now hit a snag that the council won’t grant us a lease on this land.

We feel that as a local club that is open to anyone and actively encourages local people to experience the fabulous local rivers  are an asset to the local community. We are running a poll to canvas the opinion of people of Abingdon and surrounding areas to determine if there is public support for our plans.