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We’re currently on the search for a new home, see here – Link. However we have been able to find some space to park near Abingdon Lock and we are looking at temporary storage solutions for our kit. Details below:

We have managed to secure some parking space near the lock from which we can operate from. the farmer who owns the land behind the lock and Rye Meadow has fenced off a 30m x 5m area for us to park. Access to the river is a short walk away.

We plan to use this as our meeting spot starting Wednesday 9th May at our normal time of 1800.

Plans are in motion for both a short and long term kit storage solution – more details in the next few days hopefully. In the meantime we will continue to fetch boats and kit to the site as needed. if you need anything please let us know what you need and we’ll make sure it arrives.

A huge thanks to Dave, Gordon, Duncan and everyone else involved in securing a future base for us for their ongoing efforts.

House Rules
  • Access by car is via the track next to Rye Meadow Carpark. The track is tarmacked, but is only single carriageway with limited passing opportunities so please take care.
  • Please be discrete when getting changed and unloading.
  • Tidy-up when you leave!
  • There is a space 30m x 5m if there is no space in the allocated area please drop your kit off, park in the Rye Meadow carpark and walk (or beg a lift) back up. Do not park outside of the allocated fenced area. There is a turning spot just passed our spot close to the lock.
  • Please launch either downstream, below the lock and weir or upstream above the sanitary station well clear of the lock entrance.

The maps below show the location and access route.

Site Location:

Site Access: