We welcome new members from all walks of life and with all levels of experience. Membership of Kingfisher will give you access to a wide range of equipment and experiences.

If you require any further information please drop us a note here.

View Club Constitution : KCC Constitution

Adult Membership

You can join by completing the membership form here

Club membership runs from January until the end of December each year. The fees for 2019 are:

  • Full membership – £50 (plus BCU capitation fee if applicable (note 1))
  • Concession membership fee – £25 (plus BCU capitation fee if applicable)
  • Non-paddling member – £10

Note 1 – New members joining later in the year will receive a discount on the standard fees of 50% after the 1st July. New members joining in November or December will pay the full fee, which include membership for the subsequent year. Full BCU capitation fee will apply to both of these if applicable.

Note 2 – The BCU capitation fee is applicable to those members who are not already members of the British Canoe Union, currently this is £2.20.

Note 3 –  The concession membership fee is available to ‘Those in full time education’, ‘Those who are unwaged and at the discretion of the committee’ and ‘Parents of pathfinders who wish to have voting rights’

Gift Aid <NEW>

We are able to claim Gift Aid on donations you make to the club. Please note this does not include Adult membership fees, course fees or equipment hire. If you qualify and wish to boost your donations, please download HERE, print and complete the form and hand to the club treasurer, secretary or chairperson. This only needs to be done once.

Youth Membership (Under 18s)

The completed membership form and fees must be brought along to the first session, otherwise participation will be refused.

The membership form must be completed each year and must brought along with the fees to the first attended session of the year to renew membership.

The membership form can be downloaded here: KCC_Pathfinders_Membership_Form_2019

The membership fee is £5 per annum (including renewing members). The attendance fee is £5 per session.

The youth membership fee and any donations qualify for gift aid. Please see above for further details. Please hand the gift aid form in with the membership form.

If you would like to contact the Youth section directly please use this contact form: Contact Pathfinders Youth Section.