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Membership Fees

Club membership runs from January until the end of December each year.

If you are joining as a new member with little or no paddling experience, it is best to enrol on the beginner`s course which is run each year after Easter, please make contact with the Youth Development Officer via the contact form for details and dates: Contact Pathfinders Youth Section

If you have more experience, again, please make contact with the Youth Development Officer via the contact form: Contact Pathfinders Youth Section to discuss the best way to join in.

The membership fee is £5 per annum (new and renewing members). The attendance fee is £5 per session.

The youth membership fee and any donations qualify for gift aid. Please see below for further details. Please hand the gift aid form in with the membership form.

How to join Us

Note: By using the ‘family’ function within the British Canoeing website, it is possible to manage other member’s accounts e.g. paying for children’s sessions. However beware each member that has an email address will need it to be unique (younger children may not need to have their own e-mail included).

Our club management system is integrated with the British Canoeing membership platform. If you are not already a member of British Canoeing you will need to create a user account with them first.

If you already have an account in the British Canoeing system (perhaps because you are already a club member or have British Canoeing membership) you will need to logon using this.

Step One – Create an account with British Canoeing

Skip to Step Two if you already have British Canoeing account.

Click on this link to create your British Canoeing account:

Important note: “This email address already exists” If you have ever been a member of KCC, British Canoeing or an affiliated club you will already have an account. This may have been created for you by a club admin. If you try to create a new account with the same email address already registered you will get the error message above. In this case, please use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your password and login.

Step Two – Associate Yourself with Kingfisher Canoe Club

If you are not already log in to the British Canoeing membership system.

Under the “My Clubs” Heading (top right) you should see a Kingfisher Canoe Club tile to show that your account is linked to this club.

If there is no Kingfisher Canoe Club tile, you can click on “Select Club”, search for and add Kingfisher Canoe Club as one of your linked clubs there.

Once you are registered you can add more family members (spouse, children, etc) to your account and manage them all under one login. To do this, click “Add Family Member” at the bottom of the left hand column, under “Create Family”

After registering you will receive two emails from British Canoeing, a welcome email and one asking you to verify your email address and account. They might take a few minutes to come through.

Please note that you are not yet a Kingfisher Canoe Club or British Canoeing member yet – but you have created an account on the system.

Step Three – Purchase KCC Membership

If you are not already log in to the British Canoeing membership system.

In the “My profile” section select “membership”. If you have a ’Family’ please ensure you select the correct family member that you want to join. You should ‘Pathfinders Youth Membership’ (This £5 membership also gives you insurance for club activities).

On selecting (clicking on) the appropriate membership, a Membership Form will open up below. Please fill in all the required fields, paying attention to selecting the correct check boxes as you go. Detailed instructions are included in each section.

Note: Discounts and capitation fees will be calculated automatically and applied to the membership fee at the checkout.

Once you’ve provided all the requested information submit your form by clicking “Finish” at the bottom of the page. You can now proceed to your cart and checkout.

All the details collected can be later checked and amended under; “MY PROFILE” / “MEMBER DETAILS” / “Kingfisher Membership Form”. Here you can add Medical information and consent information.

Important Note: We would ask you to make sure your emergency contact details and medical information are kept up to date.


Children, parents and guardians are welcome to join our Facebook group using the following link. Request to join and we’ll let you in asap.